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Juggler with 3 hands juggling.
Monochromatic blue naked woman
Mountain with a face and flower.
Women with 8 little children's heads
Hummingbirds flying
Black and white pattern.
Diver trapped by octopus on a small boat.


Why art?

Having grown up in a country with acute socio-economic and political challenges, I have felt the need to transform these oppressive conditions through my work. Art and technology are powerful tools for social transformation and this particular approach interests me tremendously.

Art and Research

For me, research and creating art are invigorating experiences, unparalleled by anything else. I would like to research ways to enhance young people's expressiveness through the creation of more adequate technological learning environments.

This connects with my artistic goals, because I would like to develop simulated environments and interactive media that could eventually be used in art classrooms and museums to promote learning. Children of many different backgrounds and abilities would be able to explore artifacts and take advantage of the benefits that new media provides to meet their specific needs.

As a Digital Media Designer

I would like to explore the possibilities that digital interactive media and transmedia have in fostering multicultural awareness, addressing strategies for conflict resolution, and discussing diversity issues.

My previous research experience, carried out throughout my filming and teaching career, supports my interest in creating experimental and interactive cinematic experiences. My goal is to develop interactive initiatives that will not only be entertaining and artistically interesting but also address those social issues that concern me. .