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Tray with eggs underwater
Man grabbing a floating cup
Razor, cream, and strawberries
Girl writing underwater.
Man playing trumpet with an apple at the end
Pencil case with knife and color pencils
Cat and fish in a refrigerator
staples and pasta and salad on a plate.

As a photographer

I entail to capture situations that communicate a sense of ambiguity or perplexity to the viewer. For that purpose, I intervene spaces with objects or subjects that do not seem to belong together or arrange things that are not normally seen assembled.

This juxtaposition provides an alternative meaning that can be disconcerting. I have a special interest in random, alternative orders of life, sometimes humorous, sometimes perplexing.

Creative Process

My main challenge is to come up with ideas that function as a whole body of work and are doable with my constrained resources. I keep a notebook where I register my spontaneous mental images and make quick sketches of the potential pictures and notes of the production limitations.

At occasions, the ideas naturally flow, even surprising me as they surface in odd moments, and at other times, they are the result of thoughtful design and constant trial and error. .


I treat my pictures with the judgement I would give to a painting, and therefore, I plan carefully the layout of the items and try to include a variety of textures, patterns, and colors.

I also experiment with the design elements in the editing process and tone my pictures to match the subject. I hope you enjoy this random, alternative order of life, sometimes humorous, sometimes unsettling.